Chance The Rapper delivered a career-spanning set on Sunday night as part of Pay It Forward LIVE, a Verizon web series initiative that aims to support America’s small businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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After introducing his music director/keyboardist, Peter Cottontale, and his backing vocalists, Rachel Robinson, Jabari Rayford, and Darius Scott, Chance took a moment to empathize with all those struggling through the current health crisis. Before starting into “Do You Remember”, off the rapper’s 2019 studio album, The Big Day, he gave a shoutout to Chicago small businesses.

“Basically, we wanted to use this time to highlight small businesses,” he said. “They literally make the world go ’round, and here in Chicago on our South and West Sides, just being honest, we don’t really control all the businesses in our neighborhoods. For the few that are there, it’s been extremely tough, whether it’s that they’re not represented on Postmates or just the stay-at-home-orders… a lot of people have felt this.” Throughout the set, Chance would highlight four different Chicago small businesses by telling a story about his personal experiences with them and asking viewers to support them in any way possible.

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“Blessings”, off his 2016 Coloring Book mixtape fell in the two-slot ahead of his 2013 Acid Rap track, “Everybody’s Something”. He stayed with the old-school vibes for the next track, “Brain Cells”, off his debut mixtape 10 Day.

“This is my joint,” said Chance, introducing “Brain Cells” as Cottontale readied the backing track. The opening lines, “Here’s a tab of acid for your ear/You’re the plastic, I’m the passion and the magic in the air/The flabbergasted avalanche of ambulances near/The labyrinth of Pan’s Lab is adamantly here,” highlighted Chance’s ability to effortlessly craft deeply insightful verses even as a budding hip-hop artist in 2012.

The second half of his set started with a track off his latest release, “5 Year Plan”, before he ended the show with two Coloring Book songs, “Same Drugs” and “Blessings (Reprise)”.

Watch Chance’s entire performance on Verizon’s Pay It Forward LIVE below and scroll down for a full setlist.

Chance The Rapper – Verizon Pay It Forward LIVE

[Video: Verizon]

Verizon launched Pay It Forward LIVE back in March, and has since hosted a variety of performances by musicians like Dave Matthews, as well as gamers, athletes, and comedians. Head to the Pay It Forward LIVE website for more information on upcoming guests as well as how to contribute to the cause.

As far as Chance The Rapper is concerned, late last year the hip-hop artist canceled The Big Tour he had scheduled in 2020 for reasons unrelated to the coronavirus, however, he promised to come back strong. While he has yet to announce any rescheduled dates, he is likely to push The Big Tour to 2021 as the coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the live events industry. Head to Chance’s website for the latest tour information and check out Live For Live Music‘s concert cancellation tracker for daily updates on shows around the world.

Setlist: Chance The Rapper | Verizon: Pay It Forward LIVE | 5/17/20

Set: Do You Remember, Blessings, Everybody’s Screaming, Brain Cells, 5 Year Plan, Same Drugs, Blessings (Reprise)