Charley Crockett has announced the latest installment of his Lil’ G.L. covers series, Jukebox Charley. Set to arrive on April 22nd via Thirty Tigers, Crockett previewed the album with his rendition of Jerry Reed‘s “I Feel For You”.

Crockett’s former nomadic nature, playing on street corners from coast to coast like a character out of one of his songs, has translated to his prodigious professional output. The 38-year-old singer-songwriter never stops for a moment’s rest, with Jukebox Charlie arriving as his third LP in 14 months. The 14-track cover album follows September’s original Music City USA and his February 2021 cover album, 10 For Slim.

Like on his previous Lil’ G.L. releases Honky Tonk JubileeBlue Bonanza, and 10 For Slim, Crockett turns his eye to a forgotten corner of country music. This dusty, lonesome recess of a dimly-lit honky tonk is where Crockett made his bones as a busker, paying tribute to country greats like Willie NelsonTom T. Hall, George Jones, and more. The album takes its name from Johnny Paycheck and Aubrey Mayhew‘s “Jukebox Charley”, which appears on the LP.

“I’ve done a few Lil’ G.L. records now,” Crockett said. “This Jukebox Charley LP makes four. I wanted to really stretch out on this one and take some chances. Do something different. We took some risks and laid down a lot of lesser known, more adventurous classics. Hope folks pick up what I’m puttin’ down.”

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Crockett plays the title track to Reed’s 1966 album pretty straight from the hip. His loping, coastal Texas drawl shuffles the song across the bar floor as he delivers his half-hearted condolences.

“Mark Neill turned me on to this one,” Crockett said of “I Feel For You”. “It was a guiding light for both Welcome to Hard Times and Music City USA. It really spoke to me, hit me as a timeless song. Once we started the sessions for Jukebox Charley, it became clear this would be a single.”

Watch the music video for Charley Crockett’s take on the Jerry Reed song “I Feel For You” or listen on your preferred platform. Lil’ G.L. Presents: Jukebox Charley is available here for pre-order. Scroll down for a full tracklist.

Charley Crockett – “I Feel For You” (Jerry Reed) [Official Video]

Lil’ G.L. Presents: Jukebox Charley

1. Make Way For a Better Man
(Performer: Willie Nelson / Writer: Cy Coben)
2. I Feel For You
(Performer: Jerry Reed / Writer: Jerry Reed)
3. Lonely In Person
(Writer: Tom T. Hall)
4. Diamond Joe
(Performer: Various / Writer: Cowboy Traditional)
5. Where Have All The Honest People Gone
(Performer: Roger Miller / Writer: Dennis Linde)
6. Home Motel
(Performer: Willie Nelson / Writer: Willie Nelson)
7. Jukebox Charley
(Performer: Johnny Paycheck / Writers: Johnny Paycheck, Aubrey Mayhew)
8. I Hope It Rains At My Funeral
(Performer: Tom T. Hall / Writer: Tom T. Hall)
9. Heartbreak Affair
(Performer: Porter Wagoner / Writer: Kay Adams)
10. Battle With The Bottle
(Writers: Joe Avants Jr., John Koonse)
11. Out Of Control
(Performer: George Jones / Writers: George Jones, Derrell Edwards, Herby Treece)
12. Six Foot Under
(Performer: Bob Fryfogle, Others / Writers: Clint Lewis, James Hutchins)
13. Same Old Situation
(Writers: Wayne Kemp, Bill McDonald)
14. Between My House And Town
(Performer: George Jones / Writer: Sanger D. “Whitey” Shafer)

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