Charley Crockett has returned with “Round This World”, the second single from his upcoming album Music City USA. Crockett’s tenth studio album in six years is out on September 17th via Son Of Davy/Thirty Tigers.

“Round This World” shows us a familiar image of Crockett as—both in the video and in the lyrics—a man on the run. Whether he’s running to something or from someone is for us to find out. This latest track carries a bit of extra bluegrass twang as the country revivalist croons “I’ll be that banjo pickin’ man” and has the chops to prove it. Of note in the video for “Round This World” is yet another appearance of the rotary phone that acts as a MacGuffin throughout the cinematic universe that is Crockett’s videos.

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Ahead of the video’s release in the wee hours on Friday, Crockett went live to play a few songs. The set was charmingly DIY and lo-fi as the singer-songwriter simply plopped down in a booth at whatever honky-tonk he found himself in and ran through a few tunes. One had to imagine a beleaguered barmaid standing out of frame, trying in vain to get Charley to take heed of her “last call” announcement.

Watch the new music video for “Round This World” by Charley Crockett as well as an impromptu set from last night. Scroll down to see the song’s lyrics and click here to pre-order Music City USA.

Charley Crockett – “Round This World” (Official Video)

[Video: Charley Crockett]

Charley Crockett Talks Live Before “Round This World” Official Video Premiere

[Video: Charley Crockett]

“Round This World” Lyrics

I’m going round this world
Going round it, pretty girl
I’m a leavin’ and I can’t say, when I’ll be back around this way
This way, when I’ll be back around this way
This way, and it’s awful hard to say when I’ll be back around this way

I’m goin’ ‘cross this land
I’ll be that banjo pickin’ man
It’s been a long, long, long, long time
That I’ve had you on my mind
On my mind, that I’ve had you on my mind
On my mind and true love’s hard to find
Well I’ve done had you on my mind

I’ve been a runnin’ through the field
When I was alive it felt so real
They got my down here in a valley low
Cause it’s the only one I know
That I know, and it’s the only one I know
That I know, it’s a long and lonesome road, but it’s the only one I know

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