Charley Crockett has shared a new music video for the single, “Run Horse Run”. The song is set to appear on the rising country singer-songwriter’s latest album, Welcome to Hard Times, his seventh in five years.

The album, due out on July 31st via Thirty Tigers, finds the up-and-comer continuing to hold true to the vintage 70’s country-western movement that is currently seeing a revitalization through artists like Crockett, Colter Wall, and more.

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The video, co-directed by Crockett and Bobby Cochran, is also itself an ode to a bygone era of fetishism of the American frontier. Part Quentin Tarantino, part Sergio Leone, “Run Horse Run” is immediately steeped in the tradition of the Spaghetti Western genre. While that term typically conjures up images of gratuitous bloodshed on fake Western sets built in Italy, Crockett’s “Run Horse Run” is anything but phony.

Much like Clint Eastwood‘s iconic role of the Man with No Name, which he reprised throughout several of the most popular Westerns of the time, “Run Horse Run” comes as part of a cinematic universe that finds Crockett playing the same lonesome traveler. This video finds his character in constant motion, as he chases after the same mysterious yellow phone that pops up in all of the videos for Welcome to Hard Times. Crockett said of the inspiration for this video,

When I’m in Las Vegas I like to sit at the bar and watch all the races on the screens inside the Wynn Casino. There’s a comfort I find in knowing those horses are running. I remember watching people place bets on the races in the French quarter. All the old time gamblers pouring over the news papers trying to get a fix on who’s thoroughbred was gonna come through. It’s a wild chance to take because with horses it’s really anybody’s guess. And there’s so many different ways to bet. There’s a lot of cheating going on too. A champion horse might retire to green pastures. The forgotten one’s don’t always fair so good. That reminds me a lot of the game I’m playing.

Watch the new Charley Crockett video for “Run Horse Run”. Welcome to Hard Times is out July 31st, pre-order the album here.

Charley Crockett — “Run Horse Run” (Official Video)

[Video: Charley Crockett]