It’s Always Sunny In Plattsburgh.

On the most recent episode of The Always Sunny Podcast, actor Charlie Day, known onscreen as the illiterate, paint-sniffing janitor Charlie Kelly, recounted his experience at the Phish festival Clifford Ball. The two-day Phish festival—the band’s first of ten (so far)—took place August 16th and 17th, 1996 in Plattsburgh, NY.

In a discussion of the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode “The Gang Gets Invincible”—wherein Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito) and an unwitting Charlie consume LSD at a Philadelphia Eagles tailgate—Rob McElhenney (Ronald ‘Mac’ McDonald), and Glen Howerton (Dennis Reynolds) speak about their experiences with psychedelics. Day admitted that while he has had some good experiences with psychedelics, he’s also had his share of bad ones too.

“I ate too many mushrooms once at a Phish concert in ’96,” Day said, eliciting surprise from Howerton, who was seemingly unaware of Day’s patchouli-soaked past. Day has also discussed his jam band fandom, alongside Howerton, on episode 209 of the WTF with Marc Maron podcast.

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Everything from Day’s story reads like a post on a Phantasy Tour forum.

“We were so low-rent, like we went with this other group of kids and they were kind of rich kids, they had a Volvo, they had a nice tent and sh*t, and we had a tarp,” Day said. “And then we were like ‘aye, we’re gonna try to make a tent out of this tarp, can we use your frying pan?’ They were making like making f*cking pancakes and sh*t, and we totally f*cked this kid’s frying pan up trying to hammer in stakes.”

Day went on to relive his experience of consuming far too many psychedelic mushrooms during the show. The gory details include vomiting, passing out, and his utter horror when the entire crowd turned around and looked at him and his friends, only for them to discover there was a marching band walking right past.

“I remember another one, my buddy said, ‘the cutest girl came up to you and asked you for a cigarette,'” Day remembered. “And all you said was, ‘I’m about it.'”

Check out a video of Charlie Day recounting his experience at the Clifford Ball on The Always Sunny Podcast. The full episode is also available, with the Phish story beginning at 28:00 and ending at 30:00. Also, if some kid ruined your frying pan at Clifford Ball you may be entitled to compensation.

The Always Sunny Podcast – “The Gang Gets Invincible”

In a since-deleted 2017 Instagram post, Day also shared a photo of himself taken prior to an unspecified Phish show.