Aside from being a member of Strangefolk and the leader of Assembly of Dust, guitarist Reid Genauer is also an executive at the video editing software company, Magisto. Today, that company has just announced a new Jerry Garcia/Grateful Dead video editing contest, where the winner will receive a copy of the new Jerry Garcia solo album and box seats to a show at the Capitol Theatre!

The contest just asks participants to “Make a movie celebrating Jerry Garcia as the soundtrack of your life!”, using the hashtag #JerryRips, with one lucky winner receiving the grand prize. To demonstrate, Genauer put together a video using footage from Fare Thee Well Santa Clara and childhood pictures of Jerry Garcia, acquired from Garcia’s family.


Here is another movie I made with some AWSOME pictures of Jerry Garcia as a child. The pics were shared with me via Jerry’s family. Its was made using a new Jerry Garcia Editing Style on Magisto in celebration of #GD50th and Jerry’s new record On Broadway. The album is in stores and the theme will be live tomorrow on Magisto. #JerryRIps

Posted by Reid Genauer on Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The movie was put together using a brand new Jerry Garcia editing style on Magisto, in celebration of both Garcia and the Dead’s 50th anniversary. Aren’t those childhood pictures something else?

Good luck to all who enter!