Childish Gambino has re-released the same album of unheard material, entitled 3.15.20, that was initially shared last Sunday, only to be swiftly taken down hours later.

3.15.20 is now permanently available across streaming platforms and is the first album from the hip-hop artist, real name Donald Glover, on his own label, Wolf+Rothstein. Totaling 12 tracks, the new album also features guest appearances from Ariana Grande21 SavageKhadja Bonet, and the rapper’s son Legend Glover.

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One of the key differences between this album and the one that mysteriously appeared on in the early hours of Sunday, March 15th, is that this collection includes his 2019 single, “Algorhythm“. Additionally, while the album art for the surprise release last Sunday featured what appeared to be a hand-drawn sketch, the artwork included for 3.15.20 is simply a chalky white square.

Much like the previous release, this new album’s songs are predominantly titled as the album’s run-time, beginning with “0.00” and going all the way to “53.49”. The only two exceptions are “Algorhythm” and “Time”, the latter of which was included on last week’s release. Rest assured, this is the official release as 3.15.20 was released by RCA, who have partnered with Gambino’s label, and is up across all streaming platforms.

3.15.20 marks Gambino’s first studio output since “Awaken, My Love!” in 2016. Glover hasn’t simply rested on his laurels since then, however, as he turned his attention to creating the show Atlanta on FX, and was appropriately showered with awards. He continued to give his acting career proper attention as he performed in Solo: A Star Wars Story and starred in Disney’s remake of The Lion King. Now, it appears that Gambino has shifted his focus once again and has decided to give fans the musical content they have been clamoring for four years. For keeps this time.

Stream 3.15.20, the new album from Childish Gambino, below.

Childish Gambino – 3.15.20