Fast-rising CT jam quartet Eggy is beginning to roll out the results of the band’s Choose Your Own Eggventure experiment with a series of concept-driven concert livestreams over the next two weeks. The shows will be available to stream via the band’s YouTube and Facebook pages, with “encore” sets taking place each night on the band’s Patreon. Tune in to the next edition tonight, Tuesday, February 23rd, at 8:00 p.m. below.

Eggy – Choose Your Own Eggventure: The Great Eggsplorers – 2/23/21 – Livestream

After spending the first several months of last year’s live music shutdown regularly streaming live sets from their home studio, affectionately known as the “Egg Crate,” Jake Brownstein (guitar/vocals), Dani Battat (keys/vocals), Mike Goodman (bass/vocals), and Alex Bailey (drums/vocals) devised the “Eggventure” concept as a way to restore a crucial element of the live music experience that had been lost in translation in a streaming-only environment: the interaction between the band and the audience.

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Choose Your Own Eggventure—the group’s take on the increasingly prevalent, pandemic-dictated “virtual tour”—is a concert series and a collaborative story-writing exercise rolled into one. Since the project was announced last fall, the band has been communicating with participants by way of imaginative tales of adventure, writing short stories featuring the participants themselves as characters and presenting them with choices in order to dictate where the narrative might go next. Of course, fans weren’t just directing a story—rather, each choice aligned with a song in the Eggy repertoire and informed a future, custom performance of the song just for them, forging a permanent connection between fan and material.

Now that the stories have all been written, the band is beginning to harvest the musical fruits born of the ambitious creative effort—more than 12 hours of music aligned with 17 different narratives amounting to roughly 300 pages of collaboratively crafted prose.

Much of this veritable treasure trove of content will be reserved for the comprehensive Eggventure Log, which will pair specific performances with their accompanying fans and stories. Starting last Friday, February 20th, and continuing through March 5th, however, Eggy will unveil five of the longer tales with full-show livestream concerts from the newly re-modeled Egg Crate. Ahead of each stream, the band will read aloud the fan-directed Choose Your Own Eggventure story that inspired the setlist via Instagram Live.

Whether you’re just learning about the project or you’ve been watching it develop from the start, now is your chance to experience the Eggventure. Get a taste of what’s to come with a full video of this past Friday’s first Eggventure livestream, “Bedtime Story,” and scroll down for a full list of upcoming Eggy Choose Your Own Eggventure livestreams. For more information about the Choose Your Own Eggventure experiment, head here.

Eggy – Choose Your Own Eggventure: Bedtime Story – 2/20/21 – Full Stream

[Video: Eggy]


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