Vicky Cornell, the widow of late singer Chris Cornell, took to Instagram on Saturday to share a previously-unreleased recording of “Only These Words”, in honor of their daughter Toni‘s 16th birthday.

The song was originally featured on the Soundgarden and Audioslave singer’s fourth studio album, Higher Truth, in 2015. Higher Truth would prove to be Cornell’s final studio effort as he committed suicide on May 18th, 2017.

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What Vicky referred to as the “original version” of “Only These Words”, though not entirely rough or unmastered, takes on a raw effect of emotionalism. Set to a montage of photos and videos of the father and daughter, this original cut becomes all the more powerful in the wake of Cornell’s absence. While it was certainly never one of his biggest hits, “Only These Words” illuminates the softer side of a musician who can all-too-easily be swept up into a bland tidal wave of angry grunge singers.

Vicky Cornell wrote in part in the post’s caption,

Your dad would be so proud of the smart, strong, beautiful, and confident woman you are growing up to be.
You are so very loved, and you give so much love, freely and unconditionally. Your first sentence was “I love you” to your baby brother when you first met him. As your dad so perfectly sang and what it’s always all about – “Only these three words repeating…I love you…”

Listen to the “original version” of “Only These Words” by Chris Cornell.

The release of this unheard piece of Chris Cornell’s music comes as his widow Vicky continues an ongoing legal feud with the surviving members of Soundgarden surrounding recordings the singer made before his death. According to Vicky, the seven recordings at the center of the dispute were meant for a new solo album from Chris and therefore not the property of the band. She also alleges that the band has withheld royalty payments from her in an attempt to strong-arm here out of the unreleased music. The remaining members of Soundgarden, along with business manager Rit Venerus, have since countersued Vicky, stating that she misused and withheld funds from the “I Am The Highway: A Tribute To Chris Cornell” benefit concert on January 26th, 2019.