The late Chris Cornell‘s widow, Vicky Cornell, announced a public vigil to mourn Chris’s untimely loss. The vigil is set to take place at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary in Los Angeles, CA at 7 pm PT this Friday, May 18th, on the one-year anniversary of Cornell’s tragic suicide. Vicky also has invited people all over–even those who can’t be there in person–to partake in the remembrance in their own way, whether by lighting a candle, posting a video or photo, or simply reflecting on the ways in which the beloved rocker and his music touched their lives.

As Vicky noted in a tweet announcing the vigil:

It is with great emotion I reach out to all of you as the one year anniversary of my husband’s passing approaches. Chris was loved, so much, by so many. The children and I are so grateful to you all for being by our sides throughout all of this. Your love has created a close-knit community; more like a family; to grieve with, to provide support, and to help us heal. We could not have gotten through these last twelve months without you. …

We want to open this up to you, our extended family, and invite you to join us on this day of prayer and remembrance to pay our respects together. As we know there are millions of fans and not everyone can physically be there, we would be honored if you share posts and videos of how Chris’s music has touched you. We can feel your love no matter how far. Light a candle, say a prayer, speak his name…

Loud Love X VC

The sudden loss of the SoundgardenAudioslave, and Temple of the Dog frontman came as a devastating shock to friends and fans alike. Cornell’s suicide came as the singer was in the thick of a reunion tour with Soundgarden. Many, including Vicky Cornell, have publically noted that Chris seemed to be in a good place prior to taking his own life, making it all the more stunning. Vicky, in particular, has been vocal in her opinion that heavy-handed prescriptions of psychoactive drugs by Chris’s doctors were the root cause of Cornell’s actions.

Chris’s death had a harrowing effect on the lives of those who loved him. His close friend Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park, sang an emotional rendition of “Hallelujah” at his funeral. Bennington publicly struggled with the loss of Cornell in the ensuing months. As his Linkin Park cohort Mike Shinoda explained in a interview after Chris’s death, the band had been booked for a TV performance to promote their new single, but when they head the news they decided to play a different, more somber track about the loss of a friend. Watch that emotional performance for Chris Cornell below:

“When we were doing a sound check Chester couldn’t even make it through the song, he was getting halfway through and getting choked up. And even when we did play the whole song, and it was live on TV, or taped for film for TV, he kind of just stopped towards the end…he missed the last couple lines, just couldn’t finish the song.” As we now know, the story only gets more painful from there. On July 20th, 2017–the day that would have marked Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday, Bennington, too, took his own life.

Watch Chris Cornell’s Prince Tribute, Chester Bennington’s Cornell Tribute To Honor The Late Artists

With many people clearly still reeling from Chris Cornell’s tragic passing and the equally devastating fallout that followed, this vigil will hopefully serve as a cathartic chance to truly say goodbye.