The inaugural Sonic Temple Festival took place at MAPFRE Stadium in Columbus, Ohio over the weekend. The hard rock event treated attendees to three days filled with feel-good musical moments, although there was at least one incident which probably didn’t feel quite as good. That moment came during Gojira’s afternoon set on Saturday, when winds pushed pyrotechnic flames right into the face of the band’s guitarist Christian Andreu.

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Andreu had been playing on stage right at the time of the sudden pyro blast, which quickly sent him scurrying backstage while the band kept playing. Watch the moment of truth in the video below.

Thankfully for Christian and Gojira fans in attendance, the fire didn’t leave any serious facial damage, but did boost Andreu’s level of manliness after he decided to skip the medical tent to head back out on stage to help finish the set. Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe happened to be at the side of the stage when the incident took place, and shared his own firsthand account of how epic it was for Andreu to get back out there to finish his set.

“You are looking at photos of THE HARDEST FRENCHMAN ALIVE,” Blythe said to go with an Instagram post showing the photos of Andreu right after the incident. “I looked at him & he was still playing, mostly with his eyes closed, obviously hurting & looking PISSED OFF. In between songs he walked over & asked for water & threw it on his face. Then he finished the set, & medics attended to him. He’s gonna be alright (except for some peeling & missing hair & eyebrows).”

Check out Blythe’s photos below to assess the facial damage.

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