Warren Haynes’ highly anticipated annual Christmas Jam is returning to Asheville, North Carolina’s U.S. Cellular Center this weekend, marking the all-star collaborative holiday party’s 30th anniversary.

To kickoff the weekend on Thursday, Haynes hosted his annual Christmas Pre-Jam at Asheville’s Orange Peel, which included artists that are also performing throughout the weekend’s festivities.

The evening opened up with Haynes performing three songs solo, before joining forces with the 45 Cherry Band, a reference to the original venue that hosted the Christmas Jam, and the band members—which included Mike Barnes, Rocky Lindsley, Jim Mascari, Johnny Jump, Jeff Anders and Philip Ashley— who were all present at the first Jam in 1988.

Warren Haynes’ tribute to Col. Bruce Hampton

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Warren Haynes – “Mean Mistreatin’ Mama”

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The Ron Holloway Band then played a brief set, highlighted by Jimmy Vivino joining for a cover of Neil Young’s “Down By The River”, and a set closing cover of “Baby Love” featuring Warren Haynes. Tyler Ramsey Band followed, as the frontman opened up the show solo with “1000 Blackbirds”, and welcomed up Warren Haynes later in his set for a take on “These Days”.

Ron Holloway Band ft. Jimmy Vivino – “Down By The River”

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Up next was a brief interview with Haynes conducted by WNCW, followed by a two-song performance with Maris. Marco Benevento and Vivino joined in on “Shallow”, followed by “Jolien” which featured Vivino and Haynes. Joanne Shaw Taylor was then joined by Haynes, Benevento, Rocky Lindsley, and Johnny Jump on “No Reason To Stay, Going Down”, before another brief interview session with Haynes.

Marco Benevento and his band then played a brief set highlighted by Haynes guesting on the set-closing “At The Show”, before Kaizen made an appearance. Consisting of Jeff Sipe, Mike Barnes, and Mark McDaniels, the trio worked through “Life Games”, before inviting up Ron Holloway to assist on “Offspring”.

Marco Benevento ft. Warren Haynes – “At The Show”

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Warren Haynes & Friends brought the evening to a close, as the all-star band opened up with “Red Baron”, which featured Jeff Sipe, Mike Barnes, Ron Holloway, Mark McDaniels, and Govt’ Mule bandmate Danny Louis. The band then worked through “Pick A Number Between 1 & 100”, before closing the show with a cover of Little Feat’s Spanish Moon, which featured Jeff Sipe, Ron Holloway, Johnny Jump, Danny Louis, Jimmy Vivino, and Rocky Lindsley.

Warren Haynes & Friends – “Pick A Number Between 1 & 100”

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Warren Haynes & Friends – “Spanish Moon”

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Luckily for fans, this weekend’s Christmas Jam festivities will be webcast via nugs.tv. For more information and to order this upcoming weekend’s Christmas Jam webcasts, head here.

Setlist: Warren Haynes’ Christmas Pre-Jam | The Orange Peel | Asheville, NC | 12/6/2018

WNCW Introduction

Warren Haynes Solo: Mean Mistreatin’ Mama, End Of The Line

Warren Haynes & 45 Cherry Band: Just Before The Bullets Fly (Mike Barnes, Rocky Lindsley, Jim Mascari, Johnny Jump), One (Rocky Lindsley, Jim Mascari, Jeff Anders, Johnny Jump), Soulshine (Rocky Lindsley, Jim Mascari, Jack Mascari, Philip Ashley)

Ron Holloway Band: (For God’s Sake) Give More Power To The People, Hair, Evidence, Down By The River (w/ Jimmy Vivino), Baby Love (w/ Warren Haynes)

Tyler Ramsey Band: 1000 Blackbirds (Tyler solo), The Valley Wind, No One Goes Out, The Nightbird, These Days (w/ Warren Haynes), A Dream Of Home

WNCW Interview with Warren

Maris: Shallow (w/ Marco Benevento & Jimmy Vivino), Jolien (w/ Warren Haynes & Jimmy Vivino)

Joanne Shaw Taylor: No Reason To Stay, Going Down (w/ Warren Haynes, Marco Benevento, Rocky Lindsley, Johnny Jump)

WNCW Interview with Andy Barnett

Marco Benevento: The Story Of Fred Short (I. Intro, II. Seven Twenty Two, III. Walking With Tyrone, IV. Live a Certain Life, V. Stay In Line, VI. I Can’t See the Light, VII. Follow the Arrow), Drop Kick, At The Show (w/ Warren Haynes)

Kaizen (Jeff Sipe, Mike Barnes & Mark McDaniels): Life Games, Offspring (w/ Ron Holloway)

Warren & Friends: Red Baron (Jeff Sipe, Mike Barnes, Ron Holloway, Mark McDaniels, Danny Louis), Pick A Number Between 1 & 100 (Kevin Kinney & The X-Mas Zambiland Orchestra with Jeff Sipe, Mike Barnes, Ron Holloway, Mark McDaniels, Danny Louis, Jimmy Vivino), Spanish Moon (Jeff Sipe, Ron Holloway, Johnny Jump, Danny Louis, Jimmy Vivino, Rocky Lindsley)

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