On Friday, Grammy-nominated “funklordz” Chromeo released Quarantine Casanova, a new EP featuring five new songs written and recorded under lockdown.

In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and in recognition of COVID-19’s disproportionate impact on Black and POC communities, 100% of net proceeds from digital downloads, physical album sales, and merch sales will be donated to Colin Kaepernick‘s Know Your Rights Camp COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Chromeo is also working on an animated short for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, to accompany the EP and raise awareness about mental health issues surrounding the global pandemic.

“Honestly, it started as a joke,” explained Chromeo frontman Dave 1. “At the beginning of quarantine, we hunkered down in our studio, freestyled a song called ‘Clorox Wipe’ and posted it online to cheer people up. The response was overwhelming. So we wrote another one, and another one. Fans kept asking if we were going to release them for real, so after a couple of weeks, we obliged.”

“As usual, it’s a high brow-low brow thing with us,” added synth man P-Thugg. “These are obviously the funniest tracks we’ve ever written, but they connected in such a visceral way. We figured if we were to put them out, there would have to be a charity and an awareness component.”

The band took two weeks to properly record and produce the tracks, and Quarantine Casanova was born.

While at first glance song titles like “Clorox Wipe”, “6 Feet Away”, “Stay In Bed (And Do Nothing)”, “‘Roni Got Me Stressed Out”, and “Cabin Fever” may make this project seem like a gimmick, this new collection of tunes is just as funky and light-hearted as anything the duo has ever released.

With titles like “Clorox Wipe”, “6 Feet Away”, “Stay In Bed (And Do Nothing)”, “‘Roni Got Me Stressed Out”, and “Cabin Fever” the songs touch on the various burning pandemic topics like paper towel shortages, social media cooking crazes, avoiding Zoom meetings, and yelling at people who don’t wear masks with disarming honesty regarding anxiety, depression, and existential ennui. Set to Chromeo’s signature catchy melodies and analog grooves, Quarantine Fantasy is just as funky and engaging as anything the duo has released to date.

Stream Quarantine Casanova on the platform of your choice here and get physical formats, merch and digital download here. Listen to the full EP below:

Chromeo – Quarantine Casanova – Full EP [Playlist]

[Video: Chromeo]