Circles Around The Sun were back at Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday for the second show of their two-night run at the New York City venue with guitarist Scott Metzger. Night one of the band’s weekend stay at “The Bowl” on Friday may have set the tone for what fans can expect from the current run of shows with the dynamic guitarist, but Saturday’s performance stood on its own as an expectation-melting experience that proved CATS is an unparalleled music machine in a scene littered with generic jam acts.

The five disco balls hanging as the stage backdrop flooded the large room with the right amount of glistening luminescence to match the energy coming from the four musicians by the time fans filled the floor of the Brooklyn venue to an even more packed capacity. As Friday night’s show came to an end with one of the band’s newer singles in “Babyman”, they returned to open their two-hour set with the bouncing drum track of the catchy original to get the night started on proper levels. Metzger seemed a bit more energized right out the gate on this night, as Friday seemed to hear the Joe Russo’s Almost Dead guitarist take a few songs to get his footing.

The band was charging forward on full steam by 10 minutes in, and the quartet’s dance-friendly style of instrumental rock made the renovated Brooklyn warehouse feel like more of a smooth disco on the outer rims of the galaxy with the wonderful lighting arrangements beaming through the air. As fun as it was to listen to how Metzger’s style meshed with his bandmates, one couldn’t help but get sucked into Adam MacDougall‘s entrancing keyboards, which bend and alter notes in ways the human ear doesn’t typically pick up from everyday sounds.

Bassist Dan Horne couldn’t hide the ear-to-ear smile on his face as he thanked fans for joining them for what was a very fun weekend of music towards the end of the set. Horne’s big, child-like grin of approval spoke for the rest of the band–and the fans in the audience–as this was surely one of the more impressive weekend runs The Bowl will host all winter.

Listen to the full-audio from Saturday’s Leap Day performance below.

Circles Around The Sun – Brooklyn Bowl – 2/29/20

[Audio: McRoberts]

Next up for Circles Around The Sun on the band’s 13-date winter tour with Metzger is a show at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT on Sunday (3/1).

Head to the band’s website for tickets and tour info, and scroll down for a gallery from Saturday’s show, courtesy of photographer Tom Shackleford.