After three years of being out of business, CMJ returned to social media on Thursday with a brief but surprising statement informing music fans that the media outlet and its music marathon would return in 2020.

A post shared by the media outlet’s Twitter account on Thursday reads, “After a long break, CMJ is under new management and re-launching in 2020. More news soon.”

CMJ launched in 1978 as College Music Journal and went on to evolve into an annual city-wide music marathon of performances and industry showcases in New York City every fall–think SXSW for NYC. The final year of the industry event took place in fall 2015, and there’s been no CMJ in the four years since. The media outlet also hasn’t published any official work since February 2017, according to Pitchfork.

An email shared by former owner Adam Klein in February 2017 read, “To our community – stabilizing the Radio Charts as part of the broader process of putting new resources into CMJ is well underway, but simply taking longer to finalize than we hoped for. I sincerely apologize for this disruption and assure you that we are doing whatever we can to get this done as rapidly as possible.”

In December 2016, former CMJ employees sued the company, along with Klein and Abaculi Media, on claims of unpaid wages. In the months that followed, a judge issued a legal order freezing $110,000 of the value of one of Klein’s homes.

There haven’t been many updates—if any at all—on the CMJ saga in the years since, until now.

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