There they go again! Daft Punk gave Coachella a small taste of what they can expect with their new single, “Get Lucky.” The familiar tune has been buzzing around the duo’s website and The Collaborators episodes. The snippet played just before Infected Mushroom took the Mojave Stage at 8:50.

Just shy of two minutes, the clip starts off with the pair’s name then quickly jumps to a close up of Pharrell Williams. The vocals that Williams provides can only be described as soulful and gorgeous. Next up is legendary Nile Rodgers, grinning from ear to ear. A pan out reveals Thomas and Guy on bass & drums. This song is one feel good tune, the type you groove to with your windows rolled down. The trailer closes out with alphabetically listed credits, which confirm a couple of unknown collaborators in addition to Pharrell, Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder & Todd Edwards. Random Access Memories will also include collabs from Animal Collective’s Panda Bear, the Strokes’ Julian Casablancas, Dj Falcon, Chilly Gonzales & Paul Williams.

According to Rukes, DJ photographer extraordinaire, loads of fans ran up to the stage chanting Daft Punk’s name. If teasing were a sport, no doubt Daft would be walking out with the Gold. Until we get lucky again, see you later.