When you think Comic Con, you think of the thousands of people shuffling from celebrity panel to autograph signing, all the while decked out in costumes that they are so very proud of while the rest of society laughs at them. Coheed and Cambria thought differently, however, turning the giant clusterfuck into an impromptu concert venue. As part of Yahoo’s ‘Crash Concert Series’, the band set up right in the middle of the giant convention – there was no stage, no amps, no drums, just the guys  standing around and playing a short, intimate set of music to a surprisingly highly receptive crowd. You’d wouldn’t think these people would stop for anything short of Lou Ferrigno, but once the music started, the crowd hushed up and took out their camera phones to capture the awesome experience. Yahoo filmed the entire thing, which you can watch below.

Coheed and Cambria isn’t too out of place at Comic Con, however. Their albums follow a continuing story line that ties into a comic book the band releases. Their next album, The Afterman: Descension, will be released in February, 2013, and is the second half of  The Afterman series – the first half, Ascension, was released in October. The band will play a special show at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall on March 13th.