Denver-based indie imprint Color Red and Seattle-based producer Olli Klomp have teamed up for a new music channel dedicated to helping listeners reach mental states of zen and relaxation via ambient recordings.

Branded as Low Stimuli Music, the new online audio channel launched on Monday will allow fans free access to Klomp’s entire catalog of ambient-inspired recordings composed with help from a number of collaborators. The channel will share new releases each week with access available to anyone who signs up to the Low Stimuli email list. The channel is free to access, but there is a $7.99 premium content option that will offer subscribers longer recordings and audio sessions to be used for healing practices, breathwork, and relaxation, along with special bonus content, according to the announcement.

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“The volition behind Low Stimuli Music is peaceful in mind, body, and mysteries,” Klomp said of the new curated music station in a press release. “Timeless and formless aspects make it suitable for all ages and walks of life. Day or night, the soothing effect could be considered medicinal.”

Listen to the first ambient recording shared to the channel below entitled “Annica”.

Low Stimuli Affect N0. 1 – “Annica”

Head to the Low Stimuli page on the Color Red website here for more information.