Mickey Hart joins his Dead & Company bandmate Oteil Burbridge and his comedian co-host, Mike Finoia, on the newly released seventh episode of the Comes A Time podcast, in which the hosts attempt to bring “common sense back to people” as they discuss the important issues of our time with various guests from the music and entertainment worlds. Along with encapsulating the concept of the show, the title pays homage to the classic Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter ballad, “Comes A Time”, on which Oteil sings lead with Dead & Co.

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In this episode, Oteil and Mike welcome Mickey Hart to talk about his legendary career with the Grateful Dead/Dead & Company and the diverse styles of music he’s performed and produced over the years. Mickey discusses what it was like to be in a band with two drummers alongside Bill Kreutzmann, why he has a deep appreciation for global music, and what he means when he describes himself as a ‘noiseician’.

As Finoia explains about the back-and-forth between Burbridge and Hart—two-thirds of Dead & Company’s rhythm section—in the episode’s introduction, “I had such a great time listening to you two. I was 29% podcast host, 80% nerd during that one.”

“It was definitely a chance for me to nerd out,” adds Oteil, “Because so many of my heroes, I think, most people don’t know, and Mickey knows all of them.”

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Listen to the new episode of Comes A Time with Oteil Burbridge and Mike Finoia featuring Mickey Hart, “the self-proclaimed director of transportation” for the Grateful Dead, below:

Comes A Time with Oteil Burbridge & Mike Finoia Ep. 7: Mickey Hart

Past guests on Comes A Time have included Bob Weir, Steve Parish, Jim DeSimone, Mountain Girl, and Melvin Seals. For more information on Comes A Time with Oteil Burbridge and Mike Finoia on the Osiris Podcast Network, head here.