Cory Wong continues to make the most of 2020, as the guitarist has shared details for what will be his eighth album of the year, The Striped Album, due out Friday, October 23rd.

The self-produced, 10-track album will feature a mix of special guests including Kimbra, Hornheads, Phoebe Katis, Tom Misch, David T. Walker, Mr. Talkbox, and Joe Satriani. The album follows Wong’s previous 2020 releases which include Elevator Music For An Elevated Mood, Live In Amsterdam performed alongside the 51-piece Metropole Orkest, an ambient Meditations EP with Jon Batiste, a pair of companion acoustic albums Trail Songs: Dusk and Trail Songs: Dawn, and most recently, his companion live albums The Syncopate & Motivate Tour (Set 1) and The Syncopate & Motivate Tour (Set 2) which were recorded during his 2019 U.S. and European tour.

The first single to appear on The Striped Album was shared with the album’s announcement on Friday. Entitled “Massive” the track features a guest appearance from guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani.

“Joe’s one of the nicest and greatest guitar players I’ve ever worked with,” Wong said of his new collaboration in a press statement. “I had been working on putting together material for my upcoming album and had a song that was perfect for him. Most of my music is pretty upbeat and happier major key songs. This song has a heavy minor key groove that feels like watching George Clinton wearing a pair of wet jeans walking through a knee-high mud pit. It’s not really my vibe, but I thought it was still really cool and could fit on my album with the right collaborator. Someone who can bring the heavy rock vibe.”

Stream the new single below.

Cory Wong – “Massive” (Feat. Joe Satriani)

[Video: Cory Wong]

Satriani was also the first guest on the pilot of Premier Guitar‘s Wong Notes talk/music podcast launched by Wong as host earlier this year as well. Wong continued in talking about his relationship with Satriani,

Joe and I have never met in person. As a matter of fact, we met over Zoom towards the beginning of the lockdown. We stayed in touch and he sent me what has become the most exciting remote tracks anyone has sent over. I loaded his guitar tracks into my ProTools session and just started cracking up. He went SO HARD. I told him the sort of thing I was looking for, and a temp track of me playing some lead guitar lines to outline the melody for him. He came back with the most aggressive and heavy guitar that I’ve ever had on an album. It’s the exact Joe Satriani people think of, and oddly enough, the track ended up being a Cory Wong song that people could expect, but with the heaviest of twists. I had been sitting on this song idea for a couple of years, but couldn’t quite solve the puzzle. As I immediately found out, Joe Satriani was the missing puzzle piece.

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The Striped Album Tracklisting

1. Design (feat. Kimbra)
2. Clickbait (feat. Hornheads)
3. Lilypad
4. Synchronicity (feat. Phoebe Katis)
5. Smooth Move (feat. Tom Misch)
6. Ellie
7. The Pinky Harp (feat. David T. Walker)
8. MASSIVE (feat. Joe Satriani)
9. Livin’ It Up (feat. Mr. Talkbox)
10. The Boardwalk

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