Cory Wong has shared a bonus performance clip from his Cory And The Wongnotes variety show webseries, which came to an end earlier this month following eight episodes over eight consecutive weeks.

The new clip features the Wongnotes horns comprised of Michael Nelson (trombone), Sam Greenfield (baritone sax), Steve Strand (trumpet), Jon Lampley (trumpet), and talented guest saxophonist Kenni Holmen, who collectively deliver a medley of songs made famous by Stevie Wonder. Throughout the brief, 2:45-minute video, the Wongnotes horn section takes viewers on a Wonder-ful ride with Lampley taking lead.

A statement shared by Wong with the video reads,

We did not go into this week planning to record this song…but i told michael nelson to have the charts ready to go just in case…before we were about to tape the ‘Cool/Uncool’ bit..the video team showed me the paddles which where pink and blue…i said it had too many other connotations associated for me to be comfortable using them to notate ‘cool or uncool’…so as they went to find red and green paint…and paint the paddles…we decided to pull this joint out. a classic Hornheads arrangement…which is typically a 5pc horn section (hence Eddie playing role of hype man). Of course we had to get the band in on the end…tempo change was weird on the first couple of takes, so Eddie suggested we come in on the ‘da da da’ hits instead of the top of the line…it was a great idea, so we did it. Kenni came out SWINGING.

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Watch the video below.

Cory Wong And The Wongnotes – “Stevie Wonder Medley”

[Video: Cory Wong]