Cory Wong released a new single titled “Golden”, accompanied by a music video featuring Cody Fry, on Friday. The guitarist and songwriter also released a B-side titled “Meritage”.

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“Golden” is the first single off Wong’s upcoming Elevator Music for an Elevated Mood album. The 11-track album is expected for release on January 10th, 2020 and will be his fourth studio album in as many years.

Ben Kadie directed the music video for “Golden”, and it plays off the song’s central theme, togetherness.

Set in a bar, the video depicts Wong and his co-star, Cody Fry, competing in a variety of games including pool, darts, and even sprinting. Wong dominates Fry in these events, and because of this, Fry becomes jealous. He sings the lyrics “looking over there at the grass at your place/wondering why it’s greener than mine” as Wong hits a bullseye in a game of darts.

Wong continues to out-perform Fry throughout the video, until the end where Fry finally gets the best of him. The two then share a smile, hug, and walk off-screen.

Wong shared a caption with the video on Facebook that says, “lotta people chasing the same thing, but it’s not a zero-sum game friends! We’re in this thing togetherrrrrr”.

Watch the video for “Golden” below.

Cory Wong – “Golden” (feat. Cody Fry) – [Official Music Video]

Cory Wong, best known for his work with the funk outfit Vulfpeck, shared the funk and jazz instrumental “Meritage” along with “Golden”, on Friday. It is highlighted by funk-infused guitar riffs and a horn section.

Listen to “Golden” and “Meritage” below.

Cory Wong – “Golden” (feat. Cody Fry) & “Meritage”

Elevator Music for an Elevated Mood is available to pre-save here.

Wong will embark on The Syncopate & Motivate Tour beginning on January 16th. He plays shows across the U.S. and Canada before heading east to the U.K. and E.U. Visit his official website for ticket and tour information.