Cory Wong is quickly becoming one of our favorite guitarists in the live music scene. A frequent collaborator with fan-favorite minimalist funk ensemble, Vulfpeck, Wong is known for his pristine and rhythmically-oriented lead guitar style, his animated performances, and his charming onstage demeanor. Outside of Vulfpeck, the guitarist keeps himself busy with his work with Vulfpeck spin-off The Fearless Flyers as well as his own solo career touring with the Cory Wong Band.

However, listening to Wong and seeing him perform live, it’s clear how much he and his Vulfpeck bandmates have in common. Outside of their funk-focused musical sensibilities, Wong shares Jack Stratton and company’s deadpan sense of humor, crowd-pleasing retro proclivities, often intentionally cheesy aesthetic. In a recently released video, Wong showcases his deadpan leanings, offering up throwback green screen-style video on what it takes to be successful in the wild world of smooth jazz.

Pulling from Cory Wong’s monologues during his live shows with the Cory Wong Band, the guitarist has expanded on his poker-faced spiel on the Dave Koz Cruise. Titled “An ethnographic study into the top 3 ways to make a successful contemporary jazz artist in the 21st century,” the video finds Wong rocking a new ‘stache and explaining how exactly to appeal to the “smooth jazz crowd.” A self-proclaimed “Internet ethnomusicologist,” in the video, Wong walks fans through the three necessary and obvious traits of any prosperous smooth-jazz musician: a mustache, white pants, and gold jewelry.

Chockful of amazing one-liners, you can check out Cory Wong’s hilarious new video below. If you’re liking what you see, luckily for us, the video is marketed as “Episode 1” in a new series dubbed “Extreme Smooth Jazz Makeover,” so here’s to hoping we’ll be seeing more from the famed Internet ethnomusicologist. Plus, Wong will be releasing his new solo album, The Optimist, on August 17th. For more information on the new album, head here. For a full list of upcoming tour dates, head to Cory’s website.

Cory Wong – “An ethnographic study into the top 3 ways to make a successful contemporary jazz artist in the 21st century”