Cosmic Charlie’s, the Lexington, KY concert venue, has closed. The venue’s management took to Facebook on Monday to share a satirical obituary for the club.

The venue, which had moved several times since owners John Tresaloni and Mark Evans opened the original location on Woodland Avenue in Lexington on September 11th, 2009, found its most recent home on Loudon Avenue in 2018. As a mid-sized venue in the American heartland, Cosmic Charlie’s saw countless acts cut their teeth en route to stardom.

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The obituary posted to the venue’s Facebook states that the business will officially close later at the end of this week on May 31st. Throughout the years, the venue changed locations to National Avenue in 2016 and finally moved to Loudon Avenue two years ago, which has now become its final resting place. In the obituary that mixes humor with sadness, the owners said that Cosmic Charlie’s will be survived by its older brother, The Fishtank, another Lexington venue.

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“Over a decade, Cosmic hosted some of the greatest talent to perform in the bluegrass region,” the post said. “It enjoyed watching artists like Sturgill Simpson and Mac Miller grow from its small stage to much larger ones, but loved repeat visits from friends that played again and again, some performing close to 100 times.”

The venue will host live stream a “living funeral” on May 31st. In lieu of flowers, venue management has asked for donations to benefit the staff which can be sent via Venmo to @spacechucks. The announcement appropriately closes with the timeless lyrics to the Grateful Dead‘s “Brokedown Palace”.

See the full post below.