Courtney Barnett is one of many artists featured on the upcoming tribute album to Australian singer-songwriter Kev Carmody. To help promote her inclusion in the project, Barnett recorded her take on Carmody’s “Just For You” a recorded from her bedroom, video of which is available now.

Barnett’s rendition is set to be included on an expanded version of the 2007 tribute to Carmody’s music, Cannot Buy My Soul, out August 21st. The new edition will also feature contributions from John ButlerKasey Chambers and Jimmy BarnesBernard Fanning, and many more prominent Australian musicians.

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The video, which was directed by the album’s producer Sian Darling, finds the popular alternative musician in her bedroom, with her dog Rosa at her side. Coming into the song from an American perspective with little-to-no knowledge of Carmody, the song could easily seem like a Barnett original. As she gives her iconic melancholy delivery while strumming out the chords, one could think it was an acoustic track cut from Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit.

“I’ve only met her just lately, and, very impressed with this young woman, Courtney Barnett,” Carmody said in a video Barnett posted to her Instagram.

“‘Just for You’, it’s virtually a love song that I’ve directed at everybody, for everybody,” he said. “It’s trying to get right to the core to say even though we have our disagreements and stuff, I still love you all very much, and I love you as an individual very much.”

Watch Courtney Barnett perform “Just For You” by Kev Carmody, and Carmody’s reaction to the cover, below.

Courtney Barnett — “Just For You” (Kev Carmody)

[Video: milkrecordsmelbourne]