Courtney Barnett appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week, where the singer-songwriter performed “Sunday Roast”.

The song comes from Barnett’s 2018 sophomore album, Tell Me How You Really Feel, a record which hit number 2 on the charts in her native Australia.

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The remote edition of Fallon found Barnett in her sparse bedroom, the only real color emanating from an amazing technicolor blanket on her bed. Barnett almost blends into the white comforter and white walls in her plain white t-shirt, a staple of the artist’s underplayed look. Armed with an acoustic guitar, she goes into “Sunday Roast”, featuring the prescient refrain of “keep on keeping on/you know you’re not alone.” Barnett is an artist not at all hindered, and in fact is even aided, by her aloneness. The song’s lyrics are the focus here and sometimes with a live band those words are drowned out by enhanced distortion and the grungy crash of symbols that helped Barnett storm the alternative scene on her debut album Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit. As the song winds down, Barnett reminds viewers once again in her melancholy tone, “and if you move away/you know I’ll miss your face/it’s all the same to me/you know it’s all the same to me.”

Watch Courtney Barnett perform “Sunday Roast” on Fallon.

Courtney Barnett — “Sunday Roast”

[Video: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon]

Barnett was lucky enough to have wrapped up a U.S. solo tour at the beginning of March, just before COVID-19 caused the cancellation of all concerts for months. Since then, she has remained active online with a trickle of live streams, including hosting her own program alongside Lucius back in March. Her only remaining concert for 2020 is Iceland Airwaves on November 4th in Reykjavík. Visit her website for more information.