Last week, The Hollywood Reporter published an interview with David Crosby, which focused on politics in the United States, Donald J. Trump, the score he wrote for the new independent film Little Pink House, and more. Crosby was predictably outspoken on politics, reaffirming his stance that he doesn’t want supporters of Donald Trump and voicing his endorsement for Elizabeth Warren for president in the future.

However, one standout moment came when asked about a potential Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young reunion. When asked whether Donald Trump’s election could cause a reunion, Crosby responded:

Yes, it might, but we don’t get along, and we haven’t gotten along for a while. They’re all mad at me. But they all dislike Donald Trump very much, the same way I do. We dislike him intensely because he’s a spoiled child who can’t do his job. So a reunion is possible. We don’t like each other, but we like Trump a whole lot less.

Hilariously, The Hollywood Reporter followed up with “Would a reuniting of the band include Neil Young?”, to which Crosby sassily responded, “Well, that’s the only way you could reunite the band, isn’t it?”

You can read the full interview for yourself on The Hollywood Reporter here.

[Photo: Bryan Lasky]