Soulive‘s Alan Evans has released a new single, “As Far As We Know”, under his musical alter-ego, Crushed Velvet and The Velveteers. The song is an inspiring call for peace and features a music video set to protests from the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Crushed Velvet side project was born in 2008 when Soulive was on break and Evans was working in his Western Massachusetts studio. During that time, he penned a collection of songs that he felt weren’t right for the Soulive catalog or the material he releases under his own name. Thus, the alter-ego Crushed Velvet was born and has since seen Evans host a revolving cast of musicians for his backup band, known as The Velveteers.

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For “As Far As We Know”, Crushed Velvet is joined by BT ALC Big Band and Brother GoodLove, among others. Brother GoodLove, born Stephane Detchou, takes point on the soulful plea for peace. Just as he implores all of us, Brother GoodLove seeks to find this everlasting peace through the love of one another, rather than by means of violence. He sings a unifying message of familiarity and community, “As far as we know / We ain’t too different / You and I could spend all our time / Make this world a better ride / Imagine the difference if we try.”

Evans said of the song,

I originally wrote the music for ‘As Far As We Know’ back in May 2019 with another VLM project in mind. I knew that I wanted to have Stephane (Brother GoodLove) singing on this song from the beginning. I didn’t realize that Stephane would turn that working title into such beautiful and powerful lyrics—I was really blown away when he sent me the first demo of the vocal and couldn’t wait to get it into full production but for whatever reason, it wasn’t the right time. But once I had the idea for the new Crushed Velvet and the Velveteers album, ‘As Far As You Know’ being included was a no brainer. So during quarantine, Stephane cut the vocals and I called on my Vintage League Music family of musicians to fill out the song and the rest is history. Without a doubt, it’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written.

Watch the music video for “As Far As We Know” from Crushed Velvet and The Velveteers.

Crushed Velvet and The Velveteers — “As Far As We Know”

[Video: Vintage League Music]