Swedish electro-house duo Dada Life is set to release their new album soon.  Leading up the release they have just released the official video of Feed the Dada, which in typical Dada Life fashion, is hysterical.  There really aren’t many artists out there that have as much fun with life as these guys.

Along with the new album, both Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom claim that they created “the biggest drop ever.”  This really isn’t much of a stretch to think that the Dada boys might actually be able to accomplish this feat, given the fact that their part of their motto is “To destroy dance music and have fun.”  And if you have ever seen them live, you understand this completely.

Dada Life will be performing this Saturday, September 1st at Electric Zoo in NYC.  We fully encourage you to Do The Dada!

Here is a look at the official video for “Feed the Dada”: