French newspaper Le Parisien has reported that Daft Punk has transferred from EMI to Sony, in preparation for a new album to be released this year. To many people, this is the biggest news that could possibly ever happen. From the newspaper, with some help from Google Translate:

“Daft Punk has found a new home. After three albums with EMI, the helmeted duo is about to sign with Sony for his next album. Unless the contract is already signed. Not clear with these two, who cultivate secrecy since their inception and anonymity, although some have been privileged glimpse Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo, openly, at the launch party for the album Kavinsky his friend last week. But the case is heard. The fourth album of Daft Punk released this spring, Sony, its subsidiary Columbia.”

Yeah, so Google Translate isn’t exactly perfect – but the gist of it is clear. The larger than life superstars are prepping for a new album. It’s not the Coachella headline spot that everyone (including Coachella) wanted to happen, but it’s new material from Daft Punk. Brace yourself.

Now we sit and pray for a tour. Make it happen. Somebody.