The Arcs are back with “Eyez”, the third single from the band’s sophomore album, Electrophonic Chronic. Out on January 27th, the first album in eight years from the Dan Auerbach-led project is a tribute to the group’s late multi-instrumentalist Richard Swift.

Though The Arcs hadn’t made a peep since the 2016 standalone single “Lake Superior”, the band—which also features Leon MichelsNick Movshon, and Homer Steinweiss—has kept up with the times. On “Eyez”, sleek modern production pairs with the vintage garage rock that made the band an instant sensation. Ushered in by heady basslines and elevated by heavenly synths, Auerbach guides the journey through dizzying builds that lead to freefall drops into the earworm chorus.

“There’s a lot of mystery to most people,” Auerbach said of the song’s lyrics which reflect on the band’s experience losing Swift. “You can work with someone for years and there will be things about them that you never know. Everyone has parts of their story they might not want written.”

Swift, who passed away in 2018 at the age of 41, is heard throughout Electrophonic Chronic. The band started on “Eyez” back in 2015 with the original lineup intact, with the remaining members coming together to finish the track late last year when the album was taking shape.

While the band hadn’t released anything more than a single since its lauded 2015 debut Yours, Dreamily until earlier this year, The Arcs recorded new music every chance they got. Michels said this resulted in anywhere between 80 and 100 tracks that were eventually widdled down to 12 for the album.

“Whether it was New York City or Nashville or L.A. or Swift’s hometown of Cottage Grove, Oregon, wherever we were, we would always get in the studio together. Always. It was our favorite thing to do,” Auerbach said of the process. “It’s rare that you meet a group of people that you click with like that, who you instantly bond with. We were just having fun, making sounds, making music. It was an amazing time for me.”

Visual collaborator Robert “Roboshobo” Schober also reprised his role for the new release, directing animated videos for all of the new singles. Just like previous tracks “Keep On Dreamin’” and “Heaven Is A Place“, The Arcs’ video for “Eyez” is loaded with tributes to Swift. Check it out below and click here to pre-order Electrophonic Chronic.

The Arcs – “Eyez” (Official Video)