Iconic comedian Dave Chappelle and foundational New York rappers Talib Kweli and Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) have announced the launch of The Midnight Miracle, a new podcast on Luminary.

According to a press release furnished in Chappelle’s hometown of Yellow Springs, OH, the “salon style” show “provides a glimpse into a very interesting season in the lives of the three hosts and their friends, and features guests from among the country’s most influential cultural icons.”

As Dave Chappelle quipped in the press release, “Making a podcast isn’t the obvious next move for me, but it’s the right one. The Midnight Miracle gives you a look into how me and my friends process the world around us, and I think it will change the way listeners think of what a podcast can be.”

We speak often and the last few years we’ve spoken more, as we’ve gotten older,” Talib Kweli said regarding his connection with Yasiin Bey. “It was actually Yasiin’s idea to do this type of podcast, when he and Dave first heard people talking about my show, The People’s Party. Yasiin said to Dave, ‘you should be doing a podcast, too’ and Dave said ‘well the only way I’m doing it is if I do it with ya’ll,’ It was just that simple.”

The Midnight Miracle was recorded during Chappelle’s legendary 2020 Summer Camp in an intimate setting at “The Shack,” a mechanic’s garage retrofitted as a clubhouse. The announcement adds, “In the variety show tradition, the conversations are punctuated with sketches, impersonations, archival audio clips, and a powerful soundtrack that includes music from Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, D’Angelo, Heatwave featuring Johnny Wilder, and much more to come.”

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In a meticulous editing process by Chappelle, Bey, and Kweli in partnership with Jamie Schefman and Noah Gersh of SALT, more than one hundred hours of recorded content were whittled down to create the series. Only one season is planned, with new episodes set to be released in the coming weeks.

The Midnight Miracle pushes the boundaries of podcasting, creating an audio experience listeners have never heard before. It is the exact type of project we built Luminary to support, and we are so excited to share it with listeners across the world,” adds Simon Sutton, Luminary CEO.

“Talib, Yasiin, and Dave each bring deep wells of perspective to The Midnight Miracle. The conversations between them and their friends are humorous and profound, and the show is edited in a truly unique fashion. We are really proud to be a home for groundbreaking audio like this,” adds Mark Silverstein, Luminary Chief Content Officer.

Dave Chappelle, Yasiin Bey, and Talib Kweli have enjoyed a long, intertwining creative relationship. Bey (then known as Mos Def) and Kweli rose to prominence from the New York underground conscious rap scene with their acclaimed duo project, Black Star. They would go on to work with Chappelle, an avowed hip-hop head, on numerous occasions, from a memorable performance of “What’s Beef” on Chappelle’s Show to an appearance as part of Dave Chappelle’s Block Party.

For more information on The Midnight Mile, the new podcast from Dave Chappelle, Yasiin Bey, and Talib Kweli, head here.


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