The 50th anniversary of The Kinks came and went without so much as a whisper from brothers Ray and Dave Davies, founding members of the smash British invasion rock group. There’s no secret that there’s some tension between the two, as the group last performed together in 1996. 

While the brothers circulated rumors last year that suggested a potential reunion, it seems there’s very little prospect of that coming to fruition. Dave Davies recently spoke to Rolling Stone, saying:

“I’d say there’s an outside shot… but where there’s life, there’s hope. I know Ray has a lot coming up, and I do as well, so we’ll see how things span out in the next few months. A lot of it depends on how Ray and I feel by the end of the year, physically, emotionally and psychologically. I wish I could give you a more definitive answer, but I don’t want to jump the gun.”

In the rest of the interview, Davies talks about the his and his brother’s involvement with a Kinks biopic, titled You Really Got Me

“We’re just trying to iron out a few issues in the script… It seems like everybody is really keen to move on it. They’re planning on shooting in March.” He continued, saying, “But it focuses mainly on the early days around 1964… Then it progresses at light speed into fairly recently. Let’s hope everything works out with it. Hopefully I can be involved with the project throughout as a consultant, and maybe extra music for the soundtrack. We’ll see.”

He said that he and Ray have been meeting occasionally for the movie, but they still aren’t on the best of terms. “I saw him just a week ago…The last thing he said to me was, ‘I’ll call you soon and we’ll have a cup of tea.’ But he hasn’t called yet. I’m sure he’s really busy.”

For now, it seems, Kinks fans will have to be content seeing Dave Davies’ perform solo gigs. Those tour dates resume on October 8th in Boston.