Dave Grohl appeared on the BBC‘s segment CBeebies Bedtime Story this week where he read aloud Octopus’s Garden, a children’s book by one of his heroes, Ringo Starr.

“After a busy day of rocking out, I like to relax by telling stories about the places I’d like to go. Sometimes I imagine being up in space, zooming through the stars, or traveling through time to meet enormous dinosaurs,” pondered Grohl at the beginning of his Bedtime Story segment. He continued, “I love this story because it was written by someone who plays the drums— just like me. It’s called Octopus’s Garden and it’s by my hero, Ringo Starr.”

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After his introduction, Grohl began reading the short story, which is based on Starr’s Abbey Road song of the same name, released by The Beatles in 1969.

“I’d ask my friends to come see, an octopus’s garden with me,” began Grohl. As he made his way through the story it seemed like he could pick up the Gibson hollowbody sitting next to him at any moment. Instead, colorful, dreamlike illustrations from Ben Cort danced across the screen, transporting the viewer into the ethereal underwater adventure.

“What a cool story!” said Grohl enthusiastically at the end of the reading. “So why don’t we all rest our heads on the seabed and dream of underwater adventures,” he concluded with a smile.

Scroll down to watch Dave Grohl read Octopus’s Garden on CBeebies Bedtime Story below and click here for additional viewing options. The appearance comes just days after Grohl released a book of his own, The Storyteller. This autobiography marks the first book release for the highly-decorated musician and documentarian. Head here for purchase options in both print and audio formats.

Dave Grohl – Octopus’s Garden – CBeebies Bedtime Story

[Video: CBeebies]