Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl released a new book, The Storyteller, on Tuesday via Dey Street Books. This marks the first book release for Grohl, who is already a decorated musician and documentary filmmaker.

Like almost all creatives, artists, and entertainers, the arrival of COVID-19 paused life as we all knew it. Dave Grohl was no different. Forced into lockdown with the rest of us, Grohl took time to explore other creative pursuits. After channeling his gift of writing, and even starting his new Instagram account, @davestruestories, Grohl began writing The Storyteller.

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Announced back in AprilThe Storyteller sheds light on Grohl’s fascinating life as a world-traveling, 12-time Grammy Award winning musician. He documents learning to play drums at 12-years-old, touring European clubs at 18, his years with Nirvana, and the decades spent with Foo Fighters. The Storyteller delves into his performance with Tom Petty on Saturday Night Live, meeting with Paul McCartney and Little Richard, and even more intimate stories of his family life, and more.

Writes Grohl in the introduction to The Stroyteller,

“Since I was a child, I have always measured my life in musical increments rather than months or years. My mind faithfully relies on songs, albums, and bands to remember a particular time and place. From seventies AM radio to every microphone I’ve stood before, I could tell you who, what, where, and when from the first few notes of any song that has crept from a speaker to my soul. Or from my soul to your speakers. Some people’s reminiscence is triggered by taste, some people’s by sight or smell. Mine is triggered by sound, playing like an unfinished mixtape to be sent. Though I have never been one to collect ‘stuff,’ I do collect moments. So, in that respect, my life flashes before my eyes through my ears every single day. In this book, I’ve captured some of them, as best I can. These memories, from all over my life, are full of music, of course. And they can be loud at times. Turn it up. Listen with me.”

For more information on the book and to order on print, digital, and audio formats, head to the book’s official website, here.

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On the heels of his book release, CBeebies, a British children’s television channel, has announced that Grohl will appear on air this Friday, October 8th, to read a bedtime story. He is the latest star to appear on the channel in such a role, following musicians such as Dolly Parton and Elton John, as well as celebrities like Tom Hiddleston and Orlando Bloom.

Head to the CBeebies website, here, for additional information and viewing options.

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