Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux has just revealed his plans for a new installment in his archival series! For volume 24 of his long-running Dave’s Picks, David Lemieux has chosen to feature the Grateful Dead’s performance at Berkeley Community Theatre on August 25th, 1972. Dave’s Picks Volume 24 can be purchased for pre-order here, with only 16,500 individually numbered copies being released. While the recording was originally captured by Owsley “Bear” Stanley, the audio was mastered to HDCD specs by Jeffrey Norman, and the upcoming release also contains original illustrations from Dave Van Patten, photos by Michael Parrish, and a number of special tour notes.

The Grateful Dead Played A 32-Minute “The Other One” On This Day In 1972

The Grateful Dead’s show at Berkeley Community Theatre on August 25th, 1972, came on the heels of the release of Bob Weir’s first solo album, Ace—as such, “Playing In The Band”, “Black-Throated Wind”, and “One More Saturday Night” off Ace all make appearances throughout the night. Highlights of the Grateful Dead’s show on 8/25/1972 also include unique takes on “Playing In The Band”, “Stella Blue”, and a transition between “Truckin'” into “The Other One”, plus stand-out renditions of “Bird Song”, “He’s Gone”, “Black Peter”, and more.

Check out David Lemieux’s comments on his choice for Dave’s Picks Volume 24 below, plus check out the track listing for this upcoming release.


Dave’s Picks Volume 24 Track Listing

Disc 1

  • 1. Cold Rain And Snow [7:46]
  • 2. Black-Throated Wind [6:19]
  • 3. He’s Gone [10:16]
  • 4. Beat It On Down The Line[3:26]
  • 5. Loser [8:29]
  • 6. El Paso [4:56]
  • 7. Black Peter [9:12]
  • 8. Jack Straw [5:01]

Disc 2

  • 1. Friend Of The Devil [4:10]
  • 2. Promised Land [3:37]
  • 3. Bird Song [11:25]
  • 4. Playing In The Band [16:48]
  • 5. Bertha [6:40]

Disc 3

  • 1. Truckin’ [16:02]
  • 2. The Other One [28:03]
  • 3. Stella Blue [9:03]
  • 4. One More Saturday Night [5:46]
  • 5. Sugar Magnolia [7:57]