It’s hard to believe that it has almost been five years since the death of David Bowie. What’s even more amazing is that new music from the Starman is still being discovered, including newly-unearthed recordings of David Bowie covering Bob Dylan and John Lennon which were released on Friday, Bowie’s birthday.

The recording of Lennon’s “Mother” was made in 1998 alongside longtime producer Tony Visconti for a Lennon tribute album that was ultimately abandoned. Also recorded in 1998 was a take on Dylan’s “Tryin’ To Get To Heaven”, which was taken off the iconic singer-songwriter’s album from the previous year, Time Out Of Mind. The latter cover was made at New York’s Looking Glass studio in February of 1998, coming just five months after the release of Time Out Of Mind.

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For his take on the iconic Plastic Ono Band track “Mother”, Bowie gives the song the full emotional commitment that it requires. While paying reverence to Lennon and the original version, Bowie also adds some flair of his own with a stiff kickdrum as well as an overdrive-laden guitar that jumps in for the crescendo—a modern take on a vintage classic, even though the cover was recorded over 20 years ago. The same goes for “Tryin’ To Get To Heaven”, a track not nearly as well-known as “Mother”. The dreary opening and syncopated guitar riff sounds like it could have been pulled from a later Soundgarden album before Bowie comes in to soften things with Dylan’s lyrics.

Listen to David Bowie’s cover of “Mother” by John Lennon and “Tryin’ To Get To Heaven” by Bob Dylan below. The songs are also available on a limited-edition cream-colored 7″ vinyl through Rhino Records.

David Bowie – “Mother” (John Lennon)

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David Bowie – “Tryin’ To Get To Heaven” (Bob Dylan)

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