Every once in a while, New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority decides that something or someone is worthy of being celebrated on a series of limited edition subway fare cards. Last year one of those somethings was the TV series Twin Peaks, and this year one of the someones is musical and cultural pioneer David Bowie.

This week, the MTA finally launched its David Bowie tribute in the form of a variety of cards that honor the musician, songwriter, performer and all-around icon’s many different personas. The new cards recently began popping up at the Broadway-Lafayette station, and fans have been posting the designs on social media all day.

According to Brooklyn Vegan, the MTA even took things to the next level by covering the entire Broadway-Lafayette station in Bowie tributes that double as ads for the Brooklyn Museum’s new “David Bowie Is” exhibit. The Soho station is located just a few blocks from Bowie’s longtime New York City residence.

Take a look at some of that images of the tributes that fans have posted on Instagram (and don’t forget to click through, as some users posted multiple photos):


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