For anyone out there who is simply too square to have known that the cannabis-friendly holiday known as 4/20 took place over the weekend—it did, and it was glorious. One notable weed-loving musician who celebrated the day by “smoking a fat one” was none other than David Crosby, whose Twitter feed is often just as entertaining as his extensive songbook.

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Crosby’s run of cannabis-induced Twitter postings began when a user asked the famous guitarist which bands he still considered his favorites. After replying “Beatles, Steely Dan ,Lil’ Feat , Airplane, Dead, Allmans, … many,” another user asked Crosby what he thought about The Doors.

“Basically sucked,” Crosby bluntly replied. “Guitar and drums pretty ok …keyboard was awful ..his bass with left hand was abysmal, horrible …square wheel bad …and [Jim] Morrison was no effing good as a singer or poet ..poser ….sorry.”

It only got better from there, as some fans attempted to stick up for the famous rock band, who also broke out of California in the late 1960s. Thankfully, Mr. Crosby is entitled to his high-ly entertaining opinion, especially while taking in some of Mother Nature’s medicine.

“Everyone loves to hate The Doors. Fact is though that they were dangerous at a time when everyone else was a flower child,” said one user, but Crosby wisely held his ground. Fans can check out the Tweets below to see more of what transpired out of Crosby’s opinionated exchanges on Saturday.

Crosby finally relented when someone mentioned The Doors’ guitarist Robby Kreiger, to which he replied, “he’s a nice cat ….I should shut up about the doors.”

By Sunday night, Crosby finally gave up on his digital crusade against the band, and instead encouraged everyone to go back to ripping on President Trump.

Anyway, fans can catch Crosby on tour this spring when the guitarist hits the road for a nearly two-month run of performances beginning on May 10th in Minneapolis, MN. Head to David Crosby’s website for ticketing and more information.

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