Rolling Stone‘s resident video advice columnist David Crosby returned for another installment of Ask Croz on Tuesday. This latest video saw the 79-year-old singer-songwriter give advice on everything from love, to having “the talk” with a child, to impotence.

As always, Crosby remained bewildered as to why anyone would ask his advice. He opened the video by saying how eager he is to answer peoples’ questions but also acknowledging “I don’t think I have any right to, but if you’re going to ask me I’m going to tell you.”

The first question was about as straightforward and universal as they come when a man asked Crosby “how do you know when you’re in love?” Some of the musician’s best advice on the matter came from his mother, who once told him, “If you want to be really happy, find someone who you can make happy.” That advice helped Crosby when he was in a similar quandary, and with his mother’s wisdom, he has been married for 43 years.

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A parent wrote in about how to talk to their 16-year-old son about safe sexual practices, otherwise known as “the talk.” Crosby, who has several children of his own, took some of the pressure away by stating, “He already knows. They learn all that stuff in high school from their buddies.” Rather than going into the mechanics of reproduction, however, Crosby stressed the importance of maintaining a loving, open relationship with one’s children so they aren’t afraid to ask any questions, not just ones about sex.

“You need to be his friend. You need to be his parent, but you also need to be his friend,” Crosby said. “And if you’re gonna be his friend, you have to be patient and take the time to talk to him about a lot of stuff. In the course of talking to him about life, you can sort of work your way into relationships with women.”

In that same vein, Crosby gave simplistic advice to an older man concerned with his impotence, “There isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. The only thing you can do about it is accept it gracefully. It’s not the end of the world, it’s just the end of sex…there’s lots more to do.”

Other topics in this latest episode of Ask Croz included prenuptial agreements and putting down a pet. Head over to Rolling Stone to watch the full video.