In the latest installment of the Rolling Stone video series Ask Croz, singer-songwriter and resident-expert in just about everything, David Crosby, answers anonymous questions on a host of topics, from marijuana to oral reciprocation, to the loss of a child, and even music.

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“I think this is silly,” Crosby says to begin the video. “I think asking me for advice is really a funny idea. But that’s what we’re gonna do. You’re going to ask me for advice, and I’m going to tell you, in a very unrestrained fashion, what I think the answer is.”

This edition of Crosby’s video advice column features such nuggets of wisdom as telling a man to get remarried because his wife will only listen to George Michael and Rick Astley, advising a woman to begin a fellatio embargo on her husband until he agrees to address her sexual needs, and stating that he doesn’t smoke weed during the day because he has “well, shit to do.”

The video series is a part of the larger Ask Croz column that Rolling Stone rolled out last April, turning Crosby into a regular Mary Worth. The difference with the video series is that Crosby hasn’t seen the questions ahead of time, so when he reads them in the video he gives his immediate, gut-check reaction. While David Crosby is certainly a talented writer, these off the cuff moments can be equally poetic as they can be crass.

Watch the latest installment of David Crosby in Ask Croz below.

This summer, David Crosby will begin a five-week tour of North America starting May 14th with a concert at Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara, CA. Tickets for those shows are available on his website.