David Shaw, the singer-songwriter best known for his work as the frontman for The Revivalists, has unveiled “Heavy Soul” and “Shivers”, a new pair of tracks set to appear on his debut solo album due out later this year. The new songs follow the September 2020 release of the album’s first two songs, “Shaken” and “Promised Land”.

“Heavy Soul”, produced by Tim Pagnotta, elevates Shaw’s signature sound, fusing classic guitar licks with an infectious riff as he sings about fighting for what’s right regardless of the consequences.

“This idea of ‘Heavy Soul’ was kicking around in my head for a while,” Shaw explains in a press release. “I feel like that’s the kind of music I make. It’s soulful, but in a rock and roll way. The riff was the first thing I played when I sat down, and I just had to make a song out of that. It grows from this haunting thing into something totally different by the end.”

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“Shivers”, produced by Jack Splash, opens with vulnerable, music box-like piano before blooming into a warm melody and a message of love amid chaos.

“It’s about as real as you can get with this tune,” Shaw says of the track. “It’s magical, sweet, and tender and paints this picture that even with all the chaos that may surround us, we are immune to it all because of the love that we share. It’s funny because it speaks to a similar theme as The Revivalists’ ‘Wish I Knew You’. That same sentiment about stealing back time crept back into ‘Shivers’ in a different way. I really think my girlfriend is my soulmate, and we were maybe even together in another life. We’re currently stealing back that time.”

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Stream new David Shaw tracks “Heavy Soul” and “Shivers” on the platform of your choice here or take a listen below.

David Shaw – “Heavy Soul”

David Shaw – “Shivers”

[Video: David Shaw]

Today, February 25th, in celebration of the new releases, Shaw will perform on NPR‘s World Café. Tune in here at 2:00 p.m. ET. The performance will also be available to stream on-demand after the initial broadcast here.