LA-based folk/rock quartet Dawes recently appeared on CBS This Morning‘s Saturday Sessions in their Halloween best to perform three songs from the band’s latest album, Good Luck With Whatever.

Lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter Taylor Goldsmith led the group into a live rendition of the album’s opening track, “Still Feel Like A Kid”, alongside his brother Griffin Goldsmith (drums), Wylie Gelber (bass), and Lee Pardini (keys). The song’s bouncy rhythm and cheerful sound played well with Taylor’s lyrics about getting older but not really growing up.

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Throughout the entire tune, Taylor sings of all the things in life telling him he’s getting older. After each listed example, which include learning what NASDAQ means, getting married, going to bed early, and feeling sore, he follows up with “But I still feel like a kid.” Then, at the end of the song, his lyrics explain the things he does to feel like a kid—like dancing through grocery stores, having fun with revolving doors, and of course, singing in a rock ‘n’ roll band.

“Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?” showed a bit of the band’s more serious side, complete with a headstrong bassline, more distortion on the guitar, and more serious lyrics. Dawes’ harmonization abilities shined through on this track, along with excellent work on the organ from Pardini. Then, on “Free As We Want To Be”, the band delivered a subtle political/philosophical statement wrapped inside the poignant sounds of Pardini’s keyboard and Goldsmith’s far-reaching vocals.

Watch all three performances below and head to the band’s website to pick up a copy of Good Luck With Whatever.

Dawes – “Still Feel Like A Kid” – CBS This Morning

[Video: CBS This Morning]

Dawes – “Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?” – CBS This Morning

[Video: CBS This Morning]

Dawes – “Free As We Want To Be” – CBS This Morning

[Video: CBS This Morning]