A new podcast titled Dead and Gone will examine the mysterious circumstances surrounding the deaths and disappearances of Deadheads of Grateful Dead fans from throughout the past five decades.

The forthcoming series was announced earlier this week as part of Tenderfoot TV‘s upcoming schedule of podcasts. The production company has previously released other investigative series including Up and Vanished, as well as The Dirt author Neil Strauss‘s true-crime podcast To Live and Die in L.A.

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The show will be narrated by Jake Brennan, who hosts the popular Disgraceland podcast that examines some of the lowest points in the careers of prominent musicians. Brennan will also be joined by Tenderfoot TV co-founder Payne Lindsey, as the two will investigate the mysterious cases of Deadheads who have ended up dead, missing, or unidentified. According to Deadline, the cases examined include one fan who died in a car accident, another who was murdered and dumped in a ditch, and many others who are missing.

“Music and sports are two new avenues that we’ve been looking forward to covering for some time now,” Tenderfoot TV President Donald Albright said of the new programming schedule announced last week. “Our listeners can expect the same immersive listening experience that they’ve become accustomed to in our classic true crime shows.”

While the announcement did not include a specific release date for Dead and GoneDeadline noted that the slew of new programs announced “Will launch later this year and next year.”

For more information, head to the Tenderfoot TV website.

[H/T Deadline]