Dead & Company‘s 2019 summer run was the band’s highest-earning tour since the group first began performing in the fall of 2015. Despite only including 19 performances on a tour which ran barely over a month from May 31st through July 6th, the tour managed to gross $40.9 million and sold a very impressive 486,917 tickets, marking an average of 25,627 fans in attendance per show.

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According to a new tour statistics report from Billboard, the band’s earnings from their latest run saw a 16% bump in total revenue compared to their 2018 tour, which had earned the latest incarnation of the Grateful Dead an impressive $35.2 million. This year’s 19-date early summer run saw the band perform six stadium shows, with 13 taking place in amphitheaters.

The band’s June 14th-15th performances at Chicago’s Wrigley Field grossed $7.1 million and sold 72,851 total tickets alone, marking a notable bump from their two performances at the famous ballpark in 2017, which grossed $6.4 million. Some of the other 2019 tour highlights included their two-night, tour-closing run at Folsom Field in Boulder, CO on July 5th-6th, which raked in $6.5 million–a 20% bump in earnings from their performance at the college football stadium in 2018.

In total, Dead & Company has sold 2.18 million tickets and has grossed a grand sum of $205.5 million since they first took the stage at Times Union Center in Albany, NY back on October 29th, 2015.

Similar to that of the Grateful Dead, Dead & Company’s fanbase steadily continues to grow in the shadows of an industry where modern rock music continues its frantic search for an identity. With the resurgence in the Grateful Dead (and psychedelia in general) amongst popular music in the last few years, fans can expect these numbers to rise even higher as the band returns to action this winter for the 2020 installment of their Playing in the Sand destination event.

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