Dead & Company will revisit the site of the Grateful Dead‘s legendary May 8th, 1977 concert at Cornell University‘s Barton Hall for a benefit show exactly 46 years later, the band confirmed on Wednesday. The special concert on Dead & Company’s The Final Tour will support MusiCares and Cornell’s The 2030 Project.

A ticket lottery for the Dead & Company May 8th, 2023 concert at Cornell University’s Barton Hall is open now through 11:59 p.m. ET on March 10th. The band is offering a multitude of ticketing tiers, including reserved seating, Franklin’s Tower GA, and pit as well as VIP upgrades. Cornell University students qualify for $77 tickets. A variety of travel packages are also available including lodging at area hotels and motels. Full event details are available here.

Eschewing the stadiums and ballparks that fill the band’s last tour schedule, the Grateful Dead offshoot featuring Bob WeirBill KreutzmannMickey HartJohn MayerOteil Burbridge, and Jeff Chimenti will perform a massive underplay at the 4,800-capacity campus fieldhouse. The band began teasing the anniversary event late last month with a cryptic social media post.

For Weir, Kreutzmann, and Hart, this long strange trip will take them back to the site of what many consider one of the Grateful Dead’s finest concerts. In the post-Jerry Garcia years, Cornell 5/8/77 has taken on a mythical status with books, an officially sanctioned mini-documentary, a conspiracy theory that the show never actually happened, and of course a lavish archival release further cementing the legacy. Read more about the lore of the Dead’s Cornell concert here.

Weir weighed in on the show’s elevated place in Grateful Dead history in a 2017 interview with Rolling Stone.

For me it was just another tour. I remember feeling like we were hot back when were doing it. But, for instance, that Cornell show that that people talk about, I can’t remember that specifically. It didn’t stand out for me on that tour. The whole tour was like that for me. I think that show became notable because there was a particularly good audience tape made of it. And that got around. I think it was the quality of the recording was good and the guy’s location was excellent. And whoever it was that made that recording made every attempt to get it out there so that people could hear it.


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