In the wake of the recent terrorist attack at an Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris, the band gave out permission for artists to record their own versions of the song “I Love You All The Time.” The idea was to have any band donate the proceeds from their recording to charity, as a way to stand firmly above what was an unthinkable act.

We heard My Morning Jacket perform the song last weekend, and, now, the Dean Ween Group has shared their own unique take on the tune. The a cappella approach may not have been expected, but when have fans of Ween ever known their band to be predictable?

What It Means To Be Ween

Listen to “I Love You All The Time” below, and remember to spread the love whereever you go!

And here is the description of the track, as read on YouTube:

The Eagles of Death Metal have graciously donated the publishing and master use of this song to go to charity after the senseless tragedy in Paris. They’ve challenged musicians and ITunes and Spotify to do the same, donate the proceeds. We recorded a very interesting acapella take of this tune featuring vocals by our drummer Ray Kubian. The song was mixed by Chris Shaw who also dedicated his weekend to helping us complete the track. i’m very proud to have been part of this and very happy with the end result. It’s one sample of hand claps, bongo, one guitar, and 9 tracks of Ray and I scat singing. Ray took the lead vocal and sang the hell out of it. Help us make this go viral and let’s not forget the victims when the next news item du jour comes along. Never Forget. Play it loud! It’s great in headphones! I’m challenging all musicians to do the same.