Ween guitarist Mickey Melchiondo, better known as Dean Weenrecently announced his plans to open a music venue in downtown Denver, where patrons will be allowed and encouraged to use marijuana with no threat of security intervention. Dean Ween’s Honey Pot Lounge will officially open its doors with an exclusive members-only event on Friday, April 5th, followed by the general public unveiling on Saturday, April 6th.

On Wednesday, Dean Ween’s Honey Pot Lounge announced that they will present a special offsite 4/20 event, The Puff Ball, at Denver’s Summit. The Puff Ball will be highlighted by musical performances from The Dean Ween Group as well as The Color Red Allstars featuring guitarist and Color Red founder Eddie Roberts (New Mastersounds), drummer Jeremy Salken (Big Gigantic), and trumpet player Gabriel Mervine (formerly of The Motet).

Tickets for The Puff Ball are now on sale here.

Officially named Dean Ween’s Honey Pot Lounge @ V&P, the new music venue and lounge will open at Vape & Play’s 1753 S. Broadway location along Denver’s infamous “Green Mile” stretch of dispensaries. The venue will allow patrons to bring in and consume their own legally purchased or homegrown marijuana. However, the venue will not sell marijuana or alcohol.

As Dean Ween explained in a statement,

The HPL will be a geographic extension of my living room, my studio, and my man-cave. Being a man of impeccable tastes, I feel positive that it will serve your entertainment needs as well and make for a great hang. My mission statement and overall goal for the HPL is to re-create my personal happy place — rooms where there is something compelling available to touch, smell, stare at, or listen to at all times.

Head to Dean Wean’s Honey Pot Lounge’s website for more information.