Deap Lips, the supergroup formed by Deap Vally alongside Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips, released their second single “Home Thru Hell” on Thursday.

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The single kicks off with Deap Vally’s hard-hitting guitar riffs and they are intersected by psychedelic effects from Coyne and Drozd. The two make a compromise and melt back to a simple acoustic guitar while Vally’s Lindsey Troy comes in for some apocalyptic imagery of “riding along through the deep valley/where the dragons and the madness roam.” Eventually, she is met by an auto-tuned voice and the two go back and forth while lasers and distorted guitars build, only to once again give way to peaceful acoustic guitars.

“Home Thru Hell” highlights the unique way that, rather than making a new group that is indistinguishable from their original troupes, both bands come together with their own, uncompromising styles and create something of a mashup—a song by two different bands.

Listen to “Home Thru Hell” by Deap Lips, below.

“Home Thru Hell” — Deap Lips

[Video: Deap Lips]

Deap Lips released their first single, “Hope Hell High”, in December. The supergroup will release their collaborative, eponymous album March 13th via Cooking Vinyl.

Neither band has revealed plans to tour together behind their forthcoming album. But, fans should be optimistic that the two exciting rock groups will hit the road for at least a few shows to promote their collaborative project in the coming months. There is also a roughly one-month period between when Deap Lips comes out and when The Flaming Lips go out on tour that the supergroup could play some shows.

The Flaming Lips don’t have any concerts scheduled until April when they’ll begin an eclectic roust-about tour, playing shows in the U.S., U.K., B.C., and Ireland throughout the summer. Tickets are available through their website.