Recently, the news broke of a new music cruise that will be joining an already competitive field. The FriendShip music cruise is the brainchild of Gary Richards (also known as Destructo), who also founded Holy Ship!, and will be presented by AMFAMFAMF, a new platform of LiveStyle. Famously, Richards left the promotion company he founded, HARD Events, last year to join on with LiveStyle, formerly known as SFX Entertainment.

Friendship will take place from Tuesday, December 11th, to Saturday, December 15th, on the Celebrity Equinox. During the four-night cruise, Friendship will make its way from the port of Miami to Coco Bay, Bahamas, where it will make pit stops at two exclusive parties on private islands.

As Gary Richards noted of FriendShip:

There is a place where my friends and I go and we do fun things. The kind of fun things that build everlasting memories that I could never put a price on and I absolutely never could because these times are priceless and irreplaceable. At the end when I look back and reminisce about these times I had and the experiences that molded me and watered me enough to grow, I’ll think about all the friends I’ve made along the way and how I am a part of their story and they are more than all my friends. They are all my family. That is FRIENDSHIP.

Fans can begin registering for tickets on the cruise’s website, with the lineup to be announced in future months.

[H/T Variety; Photo: Josh Timmermans]